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Leo Travels To Italy is the second adventure book where Leo is confident and mature enough to venture on his own. With his cousin Tommaso as a guide, Leo visits various Italian cities and towns along the beautiful countryside. He gets an education in history, art, architecture, and indulges in fine Italian cuisine as he learns of his ancestral heritage. As Leo grows into an adult cat, he doesn't leave the kitten that will always be inside of him far behind.

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This book is about a tiny, homeless, unwanted kitten, and how he becomes an irresistible, affectionate family member. Leo, who had been living on the street, needed to sharpen his kitten skills if he was going to survive. During the course of his adoption trial period, Leo proves that he can adapt from being a naughty kitten to one who is cute and well- loved. He realizes his dilemma and what the alternative is if he is not accepted. Through a series of events he finally secures a permanent home.

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